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In the Community

NJ 211 is actively engaged in community outreach, attending events to address crucial issues with a combination of experience, data-driven insights, and firsthand knowledge gained through our work. By participating in events, we contribute valuable perspectives to discussions, aiming to foster awareness and understanding of pressing matters. Our commitment to community engagement allows us to share expertise, offer support, and contribute meaningfully to the ongoing challenges faced by residents in New Jersey.

Outreach Request

If you'd like to request a NJ 211 representative at your outreach event or would like to host a NJ 211 Overview and/or website tutorial, please contact our communications department at 

woman helping student at college event

Wilda Traverso attended Bloomfield College's Career Fair.

men and women smiling at housing conference

Marco Zelaya, Kevin Donahue, Alicia K., and Jaclyn Nunziato participated in the Monarch Housing Conference to explore how we recognize and utilize existing community assets to move closer to housing justice.

women and man smiling at conference

Melissa Acree and Kevin Donahue engaged in a conversation about race, poverty, and neglect as it pertains to the child welfare system in New Jersey and throughout the country with national and state experts from government and nonprofit agencies. Pictured with Katherine Stoehr, First Deputy Commissioner, NJ Department of Children and Families (middle).

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