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Our Impact

Our commitment to building stronger, healthier, and more connected communities drives everything we do. We proudly showcase the meaningful strides we've made in connecting people in New Jersey to crucial resources that address their health and human needs.

Curious about our progress? Explore our annual reports to learn about the strides we've taken each year. From the growth of our services to the increasing impact on communities, our reports provide a comprehensive overview of how NJ 211 is making a difference.

NJ 21 impact data for 2022

Click here to view the full 2022 211 National Impact Report.

211 coverage map for the united states

211 Improves Efficiencies

Our centralized system and knowledgeable, compassionate staff make finding established resources in our state easier for individuals, helping professionals, and government employees. Additionally, our staff keeps track of the needs our callers communicate. By doing so, the system generates real-time data on requests, complaints, and services. Over time, 211 data  improves the quality of programs and services by making it possible to harvest essential information on resource allocation and use it for policy decision-making and budgeting. Data from our call center and our website is uploaded every night and accessible to everyone interested in learning more about the current needs and emerging trends of those we serve. You will find it here.

Learn more about the cost-saving efficiencies of the 211 system.

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