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Transportation Options in New Jersey

Transportation Systems and Resources in our State

Transportation options in New Jersey vary greatly depending upon where you reside in our state. Urban areas offer public transportation that is simply not available to residents of rural communities. Those with special needs face accessibility challenges as well. This page offers information on transportation systems that may help.

Transportation Management Associations (TMA)

TMAs are non-profit, public-private partnerships that provide transit, community shuttles, van/carpool programs and walking/biking options. Eight TMAs cover all 21 counties in New Jersey. TMAs are an excellent resource for transportation information and services. Many TMAs offer or facilitate:

  • Commuter van/carpools
  • Commuter shuttle services
  • Special transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Information about transportation options in their service area
  • Walking and biking programs

Find the TMA serving your county.

Transportation for Special Populations

NJ Transit Access Link (ADA Paratransit)

Access Link provides transportation to employment, education, recreation, shopping, medical appointments, and more for those with disabilities. This shared-ride service has regularly scheduled local route services and fares. While riders generally need to be able to leave their house and board the bus on their own, drivers may assist individuals in walking from the house to the bus.  This is done on a case-by-case basis if riders, when scheduling, ask for an accommodation. To make a reservation, call 973-491-4224 option 2 or visit

County Transportation for Special Populations

Many Counties offer transportation to special populations such as seniors, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and low-income individuals at low or no cost. Oftentimes, these transportation options require riders to schedule their ride in advance. 

LogistiCare Assists NJ Family Care/Medicaid Clients

LogistiCare provides non-emergency medical transportation to individuals with NJ Family Care/Medicaid. Passengers are expected to call two days prior to their appointment and provide the following information:

  • Your NJ FamilyCare/Medicaid ID number
  • Your pick-up address and zip code
  • Name, phone number and address of medical provider
  • Appointment time and date
  • Special transportation needs

For more information about this resource or to make an appointment for a ride, call 866-527-9933. Visit the LogistiCare website for more information.

County Transportation for the General Public

Several Counties provide transportation to residents at low or no cost. While open to the public, many of these transportation options are accessible to all. Learn about the transportation options offered in each NJ County below.

New Jersey Travel Independence Program (NJTIP) @ Rutgers

The New Jersey Travel Independence Program (NJTIP) was created in an effort to increase the independence and self-sufficiency of people with disabilities, older adults, and others by empowering them to use the public transit system safely and independently.

NJTIP @ Rutgers works with a variety of government agencies, community organizations, and schools to teach travel skills to individuals. One-on-one travel instruction pairs the customer with a travel instructor who teaches them safe independent travel skills and various modes of public transportation. This program is also available to customers (except for those who are visually impaired) who have applied to Access Link and live in one of the following counties: Bergen, Camden, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, and Union. The only cost to customers during training is paying their own fares. Each graduate receives a free one-month bus pass.

Learn more about this service by visiting their website. You may contact the service by phone at 848-932-4499 or email.

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