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Collaboration Supports Preparedness

National Preparedness Toolkit from FEMA

The National Preparedness System outlines an organized process for everyone to move forward with their preparedness activities and achieve the National Preparedness Goal.

Recovery Lessons Learned and Information Sharing

This section of the FEMA site provides access to a national online network for the exchange of ideas surrounding the Disaster Recovery Community. Feedback and contributions are encouraged to help develop a “one-stop shop” for those involved in planning, capacity building, and disaster recovery operations. Analysis of response and recovery efforts to past disasters is offered along with numerous plans and reports on this and related topics.

Developing an Emergency Response Plan

How quickly an organization can get back to business after a terrorist attack, a tornado, a fire, or a flood often depends on emergency planning done today. Ready Business outlines commonsense measures business owners and managers can take to start getting ready. It provides practical steps and easy-to-use templates to help you develop an emergency plan and useful links to resources providing more detailed business continuity and disaster preparedness information.

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