Ride United Transportation Access

What is Ride United?

Implemented in 2018, Ride United is a partnership between 211 and the United Way Worldwide. Ride United provides  up to 3 free or discounted round trip rides via Lyft for eligible individuals who have transportation challenges.

Rides can be scheduled for...

Medical, Employment, Food, Education, Legal, Housing, and Financial Services.

Eligibility Requirements

Open to all New Jersey residents age 18 years and older who are in need of transportation for one of the listed purposes where Lyft ride service is available.

Additional RUTA FAQs

How do I schedule a ride?

Dial 2-1-1 to connect with a live specialist who can assist with scheduling your ride.


*The RUTA program is expected to be available through April 15, 2023.



Ride United Use Cases

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