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Municipal Alliances

The Municipal Alliance Committee is the heart of each community's alcohol and drug abuse prevention efforts. There are nearly 400 Municipal Alliances throughout New Jersey. These committees bring together representatives from local governmental bodies, the educational system, the health care community, law enforcement, business, labor, religious leaders, civic associations, and the community at large. Municipal Alliance Committees determine the kind and scope of prevention initiatives that are best suited to their communities. State and County government provides professional staff to guide the all-volunteer committees and to facilitate collaboration with County Health and Human Services Advisory Bodies and the Governor's Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse at the state level. The funding for Municipal Alliance Committees is derived from fines levied on convicted drug users and sellers.


Over 3,000 individual programs have been implemented by the Municipal Alliances. Examples of their efforts include: 

Supporting substance use disorder awareness coordinators and others who facilitate prevention programs in kindergarten through grade 12; supporting outreach efforts for parents; developing community awareness programs through: 

- Youth-related activities 
- Alcoholism and drug addiction education
- AIDS and fetal alcohol education
- Intergenerational recreation and volunteerism 
- Media campaigns 
- Community-based celebrations 

Contact your local County Municipal Alliance Coordinator for more information about what is happening in your area. 

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