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Learn more about our Resource Database

The NJ 211 Resource Database is a comprehensive compilation of local and statewide health and human service resources that are available in New Jersey. We depend upon the involvement of agency professionals and others in the helping professions to assist us in keeping this database an accurate reflection of what is available in our state. 

While anyone using the database may suggest a revision to a current listing by clicking on the "Report Data Problem" button at the top of any listing in the database, only service providers can submit forms that call for new listings or extensive revisions to existing listings.

Service providers may update their listings or contribute information for an entirely new entry electronically. 

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Database Maintenance

The NJ 211 Resource Database is an unending work in progress. 
Here's how it happens...

- Agency professionals are encouraged to update their listings online every year unless a change is needed before then. 

- Once they submit these updates, our resource database team reviews the record to be sure that it conforms to our style standards and confirms that the taxonomy assigned to the record is accurate. 

- Once approved by our editors, the record is made public and is searchable on our website.

- NJ 211 community resource specialists use this database to answer inquiries and web visitors can search for resources from every page on our site. 

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