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Get Listed in the NJ 211 Database

The NJ 211 Resource Database includes health and human services, government assistance programs and local community resources located in New Jersey.

Agencies Already Listed in the NJ 211 Database

We are currently in the process of implementing a new database management system. While we create an online form that will interface with this system, email us at In the body of your email, provide us with the name of your organization and the nature of your request.

If you have not already joined the NJ 211 Resource Database group on Facebook, for agency professionals and organizations only, fill out the questionnaire to be considered.


Not Yet Listed in the NJ 211 Database?

If your agency meets our database inclusion standards, don't wait a moment longer - register your agency today! Each day hundreds of New Jerseyans who are looking for answers turn to NJ 211 for reliable solutions. Let them know about the services your agency provides. Submit your agency information now by following the single-step process below.

Complete a New Agency Form Using NJ 211's Online "Verification" Platform

Click here to access a "new agency" verification. The online form will guide you through the various record types that NJ 211 uses to organize its provider records (Agency, Site, and Program), requesting data pertinent to the information and referral process. Note: The online form includes only an "Agency" record by default. Please add Program records for each service your organization offers, and Site records for each physical location.

Each record form you submit will be available for review and inclusion by NJ 211 resource specialist staff, who will follow up with any questions.

Once approved by our Database Team, the information you provide will be accessible to the public who access the database from this website and will be used by our call specialists who respond to inquiries from callers who are looking for assistance.

Please keep your listing up-to-date by notifying our team when changes to your services occur.

In addition, you can join the NJ 211 Resource Database Facebook group. This is a group only for agency professionals and organizations listed in the NJ 211 database and gives you a more tailored connection to the database team if you are to have any questions, edits to your listing, or information you would like to promote.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact our database team by phone at 973-210-4157 or via e-mail at

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