Repairs and Rebuilding

Preliminary Work Maps Set New Flood Zones
FEMA has issued updated flood hazard maps for four of the hardest hit counties recovering from Hurricane Sandy: Atlantic, Hudson, Ocean and Monmouth. Called Preliminary Work Maps, the new flood maps replace FEMA's previously released Advisory Base Flood Elevation (ABFE) maps, which were adopted by the state by emergency rule for rebuilding efforts in the immediate aftermath of the storm. Learn more by reading this FEMA flyer.

Homeowners in the affected counties can get more information on the Preliminary Work Maps and their flood insurance rates here or by calling: 877.336.2627. Additional information on New Jersey's recovery from Hurricane Sandy can be found on the Office of Recovery and Rebuilding website.

Help with Insurance Matters
United Policyholders is a non-profit national organization that provides guidance with general insurance matters as well as issues directly related to Hurricane Sandy. They are devoted to guiding you through the claims process, answering your questions and fighting for your rights. Access Hurricane Sandy insurance guidance.

Financial Assistance
Several loan and grant programs have been initiated through the state to assist residents with the cost of rebuilding and repairing homes and businesses. Read our web page devoted to this topic to learn more.

Beware of Scams
Don't become the victim of disaster-related scams. The following tips are provided by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.

  • Before you begin making repairs to your home make sure that the professional you are about to hire is licensed to do the repair work.
  • Ask to see identification before you let anyone who claims to be from a utility company inspect your home.
  • Never give your credit card number or financial information to strangers over the phone or on the Internet.
  • It is customary not to pay for the entire home improvement project in advance. Pay one-third beforehand, one-third halfway through and one-third upon completion.

WARNING: It has been reported that individuals are receiving calls from a restricted/private number presenting themselves as representatives of Catholic Charities. The caller then proceeds to inform clients/individuals that they are checking in with them and asks for personal information. The callers do not share their phone number or name - even upon request, however simply state they are from Catholic Charities and need their information to confirm services/status. 

If you receive any calls from restricted/private numbers claiming to be from Catholic Charities, do not answer any questions or share any private information. Instead, immediately call your Disaster Case Manager to report this activity.

Monmouth County Superstorm Sandy Fraud Task Force
The mission of the Monmouth County Superstorm Sandy Fraud Task Force is to provide a consolidated and coordinated response in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy to victims of criminal and civil frauds and improper business practices in Monmouth County. Learn more.

Report Price Gouging - Call 800.242.5846

Read More on this Subject
Tips for Emergencies: How to: Avoid Disaster-Related Scams - NJ Division of Consumer Affairs

Get informed advice from the National Center for the Prevention of Home Improvement Fraud.

Licensed Home Improvement Contractors

    • Paterson Habitat for Humanity offers Tips to Hiring a Contractor
    • Tips from the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs on how to hire a home improvement contractor are available here.
    • At this site you can also search by name for licensed contractors and other licensed professionals including master plumbers and electrical contractors.
    • Consumer Complaint forms can be found here.

Tips for Repairing Your Home
The American Red Cross has published a 56-page booklet that thoroughly advises you on what to do after a flood. It is available here. (En Español)

Rebuild Stronger
Read what FEMA has to say about flood insurance; how to rebuild your home so that it is stronger and more resistant to damage; and how rebuilding techniques used can affect your future insurance rates.

        Changes in the Flood Insurance Program; Preliminary Considerations for Rebuilding
        Build Back Safer and Stronger - What You Need to Know
        Hurricane Sandy Advisory Base Flood Elevations (ABFEs)
        Rebuilding Safer, Smarter and Stronger: Considerations for Property Owners

Contacting Utility Companies
If you need to dig in order to begin rebuilding, NJ law requires you provide at least three business days notice, prior to outdoor construction or digging. Contractors and property owners, or whoever is excavating, must call New Jersey One Call at 1-800-272-1000 and take the following steps:

  • Wait for the site to be marked with paint, flags or stakes. Yellow indicates the presence of underground natural gas lines.
  • Respect the marks and dig with care.
  • Hand dig within two feet of buried piping and facilities.

Before you dig, call 1-800-272-1000 (24 hours a day/7 days a week). For additional information about New Jersey One Call, visit their website.

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