Hurricane Harvey Relief

The information found on this webpage is for those individuals and families in communities all across Texas who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. 

FEMA Information 

Apply for assistance. Or by calling 1-800-621-3362.

If individuals choose to self-evacuate, they may cut themselves off from certain FEMA assistance, and there are very limited resources available to assist in NJ. 

With Texas in full recovery mode, find up-to-date information on returning home and cleaning up

Find a list of Recovery Resources to help you recover from Hurricane Harvey. 

Visit or Hurricane Harvey Facebook Page for recovery related information and updates. 

Shelter Assistance 

To find a shelter, visit the American Red Cross for a list of currently operating shelters. 

You can also find a listing by state of FEMA Evacuee Hotels

Cleanup Assistance 

If you need assistance with cleanup after the sotrm, call 1-800-451-1954 or 844-965-1386 to be placed on a list. Disaster Recovery organizations will contact you if they are able to help with cleanup efforts in your area. 

Visit FEMA's Rebuilding Resources page for a list of materials and information to support Hurricane Harvey rebuilding efforts. 

Donations/Give Help Now 

The United Way of Greater Houston is raising funds to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. They have launched the 'United Way Relief Fund' to help meet storm-related needs and recovery in the community.

You can also find information on helping all areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey and disaster relief from the United Way of Texas

The United Way Worldwide announced the establishment of a national recovery fund to support local United Ways' efforts now and in the future to respond to and recover from disasters. Information about all United Way fundraising efforts-both national and local-can be found here

Texas has also established a Harvey Relief Fund to aid in disaster recovery efforts. 

The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management has put together a quick guide to handling any resources that may be offered via the State of New Jersey. View these guidance tips here

In the event of a disaster or other emergency, the Harris County Recovery Network Website is your information hub for the weeks and months after the immediate emergency passes and recovery begins. 

Find out how to donate individual items like clothing, food, etc. to the individuals and families impacted by these disasters here

Quick Links

Harvey Rumor Control Page 

Survivor's Checklist 

FEMA Mitigation Page 

Disaster Recovery Video Resources Library 

Hurricane and Flood Safety Information 

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